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Steve Flanagan
North Fork, California, United States
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About Steve Flanagan

I am a husband and father of two boys. I live in the central valley foothills of California, on five and a half acres. At the moment I am working on transforming the property into a permaculture paradise, hopefully at a rate of at least a 1/4 acre per year. I am also working on a book that will hopefully be a companion guide to permaculture designers and gardeners alike.

My path to permaculture started when I was 17 and became interested in growing Bonsai. As I was researching what to grow I became fascinated with all the different medicinal uses of plants. As I was talking with someone in a forum they suggested I look into Ethnobotany, which I did. I began studying ethnobotany and dreamed of growing all of these plants myself, which lead me into getting interested in gardening, specifically organic gardening. While on an organic gardening forum about eight years ago I first heard the word Permaculture. The more I learned about Permaculture the more I was interested in it. Finally, about five years ago my wife and I bought our property. I began working towards implementing what I was learning into the property. Unfortunately I did things in an order that was not as productive as it could be.

Within the last couple of year I began to network and meet others who shared my interests. This has also been encouraging for me. I am always looking to learn new techniques and perspectives. Recently I began work on a book that I hope will help the readers make better decisions on which plants to add to their design. The target audience is North America, but I feel that it could ideally be used anywhere. I will explore the ethnobotanical uses of plants and how they fit into permaculture. I will cover a wide range of plants to give the reader even more options to tailor fit their garden to their families needs.


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