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My background consist of 10 years of on hand experience in warm to freezing cold temperate growing organic food & herbs in Cumberland, OH. I helped landscaped this land since I was 10 years old. I planted fruit trees and watched them grow 20ft plus over the years. I can say I have grown with the land. I have been creating the architectural and engineering blue prints with auto-CAD and SketchUp Pro for more then 6 years now. I current work from home on the PC, which gives me a lot of free time for this substantiating community I want to help build on my land.

I founded the "Real Bio University Foundation". The reason I'm so interested and involved with permaculture is the simple fact the its natural with mother earth to go with the flow and there is a place where love can be shown all around. The social concept and designs are based off of the fact that our current system does not go by "If its not good for all then its not good at all" To learn to flow with nature, rather then resist. Food. shelter & love is always free on the land. Art is encouraged here, any kind of form of loving art is welcome to be performed and shown.

A place where; all the elements live in peace and never have the conception to destroy. A place where technology is to be advance for the simple fact that life is not meant to be lived from a 40 hours paycheck every week. Your time should not have to go to the things you need most to survive in life. We have plenty of resources if they are shared and grown correctly. There shouldn't be a reason for starving and homeless people. As each day goes by i feel my motivation is simple. I want my kids, kids, kids to be able to choose what they would like to help create and/or fix in this life we live in, and past on to our kids.


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