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Adam Vaughn
Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Cold Temperate
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About Adam Vaughn

I'm a 25 year old yoga/mindfulness teacher, reiki practicioner, permaculture designer, traveller, and nature lover. I grew up in Ohio, studied a wide variety of subjects in college, eventually declaring environmental geography as a major at Ohio University (O.U.). Upon three years studying there, I transferred schools and completed a degree in environmental science, specializing in sustainable management at Bowling Green State University (B.G.S.U.). I have a passion for bettering myself, helping others, and doing what is right, which has been expressed in many different outlets. In college I was highly involved in environmental and social justice clubs and activism. I was president of Freedom, a community organizing club that began two community gardens, which I managed as well. I've travelled extensively, with family, friends, and on my own. I've been interested in native american culture since I was a child, and had the opportunity to immerse myself in Navajo culture on a few trips to Arizona and New Mexico in College. I've seen the problems of poverty and race-issues first hand travelling to and staying in the South Bronx and learning about ways the community is coming together to better themselves. I've traveled around the U.S. to attend, volunteer, and teach at music and arts festivals, and hike national and state parks. I backpacked Europe for a month and a half with my best friend after graduating from College. After that, and having practiced yoga and meditation for a couple years continuously, I moved to Chicago to take 200hr yoga teacher training. Over the past summer I took a permaculture design certificate course and began managing the gardens at Stonehouse Farm, an eco-retreat in Illinois. Most recently I backpacked through India and began my 500hr yoga teacher training there. Then I flew over to Panama to teach and participate in ceremony at a Tribal Gathering. Finally, I just arrived back from backpacking through Costa Rica. I'm here to learn everything I can in this lifetime, and perfect my relationship with myself, others, and the planet I live on. I hope that I may be of service to you.


My Badges
Consultant Aid worker
My Permaculture Qualifications
Spring Permaculture Design Course - 2015 - Stelle, Illinois
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Bill Wilson
Location: Stelle, Illinois
Date: May 2015

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