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Brian Heath
Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom
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Cool Temperate

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About Brian Heath

My younger friends call me 'ancient' - and that was before I recently turned 60 :-( However, a healthy life keeps one young, does it not?

Permaculture is something I have understood intuitively ever since I became a horticulturalist more than half my life ago.

My, oh my, though - I still remember the enormous sense of relief, and burning enthusiasm, when I discovered a few years ago that permaculture exited as a taught methodology. Since then, I have gobbled up everything I can find on the subject - including all Bill's manuals (you know who I mean, I'm sure ;-)).

I am most enthusiastic for permaculture on a world-wide scale: though of course I understand where its roots and real strengths lie - well within anyone's horizon, perhaps one can say? My own garden is rather a wacky experimental example, but is coming together nicely.

Currently, I am exploring possibilities to persuade leading politicians in the Republic of Guinea (West Africa) to embrace permaculture as a major land use strategy for their country. I am priming someone there who has 'the ear of the king' (President, in this case); so we'll see how it goes. I am also trying to support a number of small farmers in western Kenya, in an advisory sense; though somehow I have been persuaded recently to arrange for the sourcing of old tractors here in south-west England for exporting to there. I don't really believe in tractors, especially for there; but in this case they are perhaps a means to some ends.

My own work is rather varied, as I cannot help being a rather creative thinker. I am a garden/landscape designer, primarily. I also facilitate international trade. Apart from that, I find properties for people (I started my various careers with surveying).

Experience? Designing and installing numerous gardens, nurseries, mini-landscapes, and planting schemes here and abroad; running an organic market garden; woodland management; teaching.

I will assiduously absorb everything I can find on this site; and contribute what I can, too. I will try to create a blog of relevance: if I cannot do it here, I will try to do so elsewhere and provide a link to it.

Looking forward to getting to know many of you through this forum.

Please, all, feel free to contact me and ask questions: I may have a few answers.



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