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About Kat Szuminska

A recovering VFX supervisor in major motion pictures (oh yes), I'm largely found making things happen in the field than on the big screen nowadays.

I was first introduced to permaculture concepts by the lovely milkwood-ies and then a pdc with Geoff Lawton Bill Mollison and Greg Knibbs, thanks to all of you and my 72 fellow students too!
Back home, I'm active in the permaculture education, design and permablitzing in the glorious company of the Blue Mountains community. Find me on Friday mornings at Blue Mountains organic community gardens.
I'm an advocate of opening up codes of all kinds though open source strategies, through seedsaving and on the computerier side of things through the OpenAustralia Foundation, an innovative Australian charity. Oh and, I show my love and respect for permies everywhere by helping out with the running of Permaculture International Limited and its web identity Permaculture Australia.

All you need is love. da da daaa da daaa. oh and a PDC helps.