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Barbara Leite
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Povoa de Atalaia, Castelo Branco, Portugal
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Warm Temperate
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Mount of Oaks

Mount of Oaks

Povoa de Atalaia, PT


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Mokolodi Conservation Park Permaculture Education Garden
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About Barbara Leite

I was born in 1974 in Angola, came as refuge to Porto - Portugal, where I grew up. Gave up studying Accounts and started to travel in 1996. Best decision !!!! :-) Joined a mission organization in Angola in 1998, during the war. Served as volunteer with the same organization until 2004. I've been involved in volunteer community projects since then.
I moved to the Mount of Oaks in September 2006. I'm here, again as a volunteer, to serve and care by nurturing and being.I committed myself to stay for 10 Years, but I have no idea about tomorrow :-)
I first heard about the term "Permaculture" at an alternative party, Synergy, in London, in 2005. There were lots of stools from different groups :charity, environmental matters, justice issues, etc... Since then I started to research more about what "permaculture" really is about.
In 2009 I met Lesley Martin through friends and asked her if she would teach a PDC course at the Mount of Oaks.
From that time on, I kept organizing PDC courses here . Once or twice a year. I also organized a strawbale building workshop also with Lesley, and now after much experience and experiments, I teach natural building myself. I´ve put up a full 8 day course with a varied and full content, where participants can learn the basic theories and try for themselves different materials on buildings - "wattle and daube" , adobe bricks and "light earth" slabs, strawbales, cordwood, earth plasters, lime plasters and other finishes, including a brief introduction to "Tadelakt". I love teaching, and offering people the basic tools that give them confidence to go and do it themselves.
So, since 2006 I live now in the Mount of Oaks, a beautiful piece of land (about 5 hectares), surrounded by mountains, filled with olive trees, oranges, tangerines, cherries, figs, and many other fruits...
Now we are 4, and a baby. 2 Portuguese, 1 German and 1 Northern Irish.
I made a design for it during my PDC...already changed little details as I learned more about/with the land :-)... my desire for this place is to become a little monastic community, ecumenic and inclusive, with a spirituality based in love...with rhythms of prayer, work on the land, fellowship, rest and service to others. A place focused on justice and hospitality. An inclusive place for all...to retreat, to live, to help, to rest, or simply be...



Next Natural building course almost starting... dont miss out, or help us share :-)

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What was going on in January...

Last news at the Mount of Oaks... coming out of Winter hibernation...few steps into Spring :-)

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Looking back and Looking Forward

As the title suggests, it is a "looking back into 2012, and even beyond, back to 2006 when I moved to the Mount of Oaks...and looking forward, sharing the hopes for this year´s projects...

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My Permaculture Qualifications
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Lesley Martin
Location: Mount of Oaks - Portugal
Date: Apr 2009
Other course verified
Strawbale building workshop
Type: Other
Teacher: Lesley Anne Martin
Location: Mount of Oaks - Portugal
Date: Jun 2010

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