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jordan lowery
sonora , california, United States
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Cool Temperate

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About jordan lowery

My name is Jordan Lowery and i am what some consider a natural farmer or soil farmer. Personally i consider myself an apprentice to nature. I am a California native and have lived in the upper and southern regions, from dry desert like conditions to sunny sierra foothills.

My main goal is to increase diversity in the worlds farms and provide highly nutritional food sources while benefiting everyone including the natural systems. In the farm or garden area I concentrate on eatable and useful plants, establishing ecosystems and micro-climates to best make use of, obtain the highest yield with the desired plant species, while still achieving superior quality. Building soil is one of the most important if not THE most important factor in successfully growing desired crops with little to no problems/failures. I am self taught and have learned 80% of what i know from the forest, mountain and natural systems around me. As with nature i try and use a diversity of methods and procedures to accomplish said goals of a site or area i am dealing with.

I also feel it is important to teach as many people as possible to use local materials in a non destructive way to grow there own food/medicine and more.


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