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Robert Puckett
St. Louis, Missouri, United States
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Cool Temperate
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About Robert Puckett

I'm a father of two young permaculturists and I live in south St. Louis County. I grew up in the St. Louis inner city and only moved to the county when I began my own family. In the last 12 or so years of my life I have worked in various levels of military, law enforcement and corporate security. Those were the 'jobs'. Aside from that I have been a freelance writer and independent journalist for several years. My passions include permaculture and sustainable, off-grid living.

I first heard of permaculture approximately two years ago and have been obsessed since then and have become a self-taught, amateur permaculturist by scouring the Internet for all the information pertaining to permaculture as I could. Being from Missouri, I was having troubles locating permaculture information as it applies to temperate climate zones. Which is why I started the website, MissouriPermaculture.com.

Missouri Permaculture is a site dedicated to permaculture and permaculture design techniques as they apply to the specific climate zones of Missouri, but that is not all. It is my hope and intention that the site evolves to encompass all things permaculture. It is also my intention to begin establishing permaculture groups in Missouri outside of this world dominated by 1' and 0's. I am going to be starting my own permaculture project soon and I would like to eventually organize a permablitz group to operate statewide.

If you are in Missouri and maintain your own permaculture project, I'd like to add you to my site. If you're interested, feel free to drop me a line here or at [email protected].


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