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Juliane Papendick
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About Juliane Papendick

The last few years have been a rich experience for me. By traveling around Europe whilst still studying philosophy and languages in Berlin I have come across several different ideas on how I can actually live my life according to my own terms.

Now I am reorienting my life towards a sustainable path and try to patchwork my learning process in order to enable myself and others to make the changes in the world how i or we dream of.
And this is how I came across Permaculture. I was volonteering on the construction of a "sustainable" festival last year and after have been wwoofing on a self-sufficientish farm in Portugal to learn more about eco constructions and how to design a landscape with permaculture principles.
And I got really intrigued by its holistic and systematic approach so I looked for a PDC this summer and have just come back from the Ukraine where I was fortunate to have partaken in the course of George Sobol, Joe Atkinson, Catherine Dolleris and Ian Giesbrecht.

My projects on a smaller scale are teaching my grandmother and mother what I have learned and then redesigning the little garden of my parents together little by little.
I have a friend who has just moved onto a big plot of land (5000square meters) in NorthEast Germany and with my other friend Berry we will discuss what he wants to make of it and support him with the design.
Well and then there is my 5years plan which frames the path I want to take during the upcoming years: the 3main threads are community building, permaculture and popular and radical education.
Thats it in short.


My Permaculture Qualifications
Permaculture Design Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: George Sobol
Other Teachers: Joe Atkinson, Catherine Dolleris, ian giesbrecht
Location: Lubske, Ukraine
Date: Jul 2011

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