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Riley Evans
Venice, California, United States
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Cool Temperate

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Permaculture Neighborhood Center
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About Riley Evans

Riley Jack Evans is a native Californian. I was influenced by mother and father and the LA art scene that they where a part of in my early youth. My father (Ned Evans) is an artist, painter, and surfer and since I was an only child I was influenced greatly by these arts as a child growing up in Venice, CA. My mother is a landscape garden designer and an artist. She was the one who really encouraged me at a young age to get into nature, hiking, backing packing, gardening, working with the earth in a good way and learning about native california plants. My education began at a Waldorf School that was being created as my class was going through the grades as the school evolved around my class year by year until its funding ran out thus ending my education there after 6th grade. It was a great experience it exposed me to so much, cultural arts, languages, crafts, theater, dance, gardening, nature awareness and much more. After the collapse of Waldorf, I dove right into public education and managed my way through till I graduated high school.
Once I was ready to go off on my own and explore the world, I was off heading north. I ended up spending time in the bay area going to community college focusing on earth sciences and art and horticulture. After awhile I discovered urban farming/permaculture and was really enthused and eager about learning more about sustainable practices in organic farming. I moved down to Santa Cruz, continuing community college class until I started working with local farmers and farms and transition groups and community gardens and just fell in love with the service and people that I got to work with.
I took my permaculture course with the Bolluck Brothers at their Homestead on Orcas Island in July of 2010 and that gave me a new pair of eyes to see the world with. And after that I took an apprentice course at Quail Springs in the fall of 2010 and have been working out there and in the surrounding towns and farms. I have experience in natural building projects, permaculture teaching course, sustainable practices/holistic management with animal husbandry, farming and community. My intentions for my life are to live a life that illustrates to others how to be aware of awareness itself. To be a living example that illustrates to people the range of intelligences that every human has a there disposal but a lot people forget that they have them and people need to start remembering. I know that permaculture's philosophy ties right into that remembering and provides a beautiful structure that any human can use in helping themselves and their community remember how to work with nature and beings that inhabit her.


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