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Wadzy Wadsworth
Lismore , NSW, Australia
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Wet/Dry Tropical
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About Wadzy Wadsworth

Wayne Wadsworth (Wadzy)
I came to Permaculture from a construction and landscaping background about 20 years ago, after a visit to Cuba.

I had decided to help Cuba get renewable energy sysems as I saw it as their Achilies heal. I saw Bill Mollison on TV and saw the potential of a wholistic design which incorporated energy rather than seeing energy as a seperate problem. I formed the Green Team which took Permaculture to Cuba. I designed and ran P/C projects in Cuba over a period of about ten years. They are now a leading P/C country.

My Last Major project was in the Maldives where I designed and co built "Eco Centro Waste to Wealth" centre which is a World first to incoroprate Biochar, Biogas Solar & Winf into an integrated Permaculture desigh, watch the video:

Currently I am constructing an Urban P/C site that will produces surplus Water Energy Land/food needs based on Localisation which I have coined WELL.

When finiished I will be looking for a new project to to Grow More Carbon and turn off the fossil fuels. Anyone with 100 hectares and more please contact me. E:[email protected]

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