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Emilie  Villa
Arvada, Colorado, United States
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About Emilie Villa

I'm student and successful freelancer. Type, write my essay for money and send it to me, it's easy to get good marks in your coursework. I write different types of papers such as course essays. How to Find Clarity. First, I’m going to assume your overarching desire is to be a writer … considering the focus of this website … but if it isn’t, please do replace “writing” with your creative desire and this will still work.
Put “writing” at the top of the page.
Now drill down a little more. What do you want to write?
As I mentioned above, I have a long list of “whats”. If you do too, that’s okay. Take it step by step.
With your list in hand, drill down again. Choose one.
Does that sound too simple? That’s because it is … and you can have a little fun with it too.
Date your Choice
This will help you overcome any reluctance to choose.
Don’t over-commit. Don’t tell yourself that you have to be exclusive and lose your other prospects. Sometimes that’s what holds us back—the feeling that, if we choose one thing, we could make the wrong choice or worse, lose the option to pursue others.
Just start writing.
Write about it for one hour a day for a week. That’s only seven hours in total. Do things like the fantasy exercise I describe next, or just start writing it.
At the end of one week, make a decision and if it’s not “the one”, try again.
Enjoy the Fantasy
The one you will choose is the one that sends you into the throws of fantasy land. It’s the one that, if someone said you couldn’t do it, your heart would sink.
You are in love.
Imagine it as a bestseller. You’ll be known for this work for the rest of your writing career, but that’s okay because you’re thrilled to talk about it. It’s the best of who you are as a writer. When the media hounds you for interviews, your pride and excitement will grow. When you see how your work has impacted others, you’ll be filled with gratitude.
Keep the fantasy going. Are you the next Elizabeth Gilbert? J.K. Rowling? Cheryl Strayed? E.L. James? Stephen King? Wayne Dyer?
Oprah calls. Now you’ve arrived. What is the story you want Oprah to read and share with the world?
By the time you’ve envisioned your meeting with Oprah, I hope you’re heart is beating faster and your energy is sparking.
There’s nothing quite like the fantasy when you really know your big goal, so take your time … but not too much time … and nail it.
When you do, more fun and adventure awaits. But first, it’s time to go shopping. (Even Luke Skywalker did this … really … so stay tuned for the next post in this series!)
In the meantime, over to you …


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