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Midland, MI, United States
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Writing good reviews of term papers

Term paper reviews are beneficial not only to the authors of the papers but also to those who are reviewing it. There are many things which are expected to be included in the review of a term paper. You can even say that reviewing a term paper written by someone else is as difficult as writing one yourself except that you will not have to refer to external sources. Hence, it is better to go about it in an organized manner to ensure that your review meets the expectations of your instructor.

Term Paper Reviews

A term paper review lists out the positive and negative aspects of the term paper which is reviewed, through the perspective of the person who is reviewing it for geometry helper. Each review would be different even if it is done on the same term paper as each person has a different view of almost everything. The way you review the paper given to you would also showcase your knowledge and skills. Hence, you must pay attention to what you put into your review paper. Listed below are a few things which you must keep in mind while writing reviews on term papers.

1. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of the paper. But remember to maintain a balance as you are not expected to critically evaluate the paper but to just offer an unbiased analytical review.

2. Have a clear idea of how to present the paper. Would it suit you better to discuss the paper section by section or would it be easier to discuss the positive aspects first and then the shortcomings? Or yet, do you find it more ideal to dissect the paper by its structural elements?

3. Do not be abusive or too critical. You are not trying to prove that the author of the paper was not skilled enough; you are just trying to review the paper. Also, remember that what you are presenting is only your view; it need not be right.

4. A term paper review must touch upon aspects like the perfection of structure, the use of language, the information included, efficacy of presentation, the techniques employed, the sources used and so on.


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