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Honey Rose
Huntly, New Zealand
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Warm Temperate
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About Honey Rose

Honey Rose grew up England, and always felt a deep connection to the Earth. As an instinctive young child, Honey would regularly sit meditating, do yoga and tai chi and heal with crystals, without instruction, and was in near constant communion with nature. Her post-4yr-old youth was spent following the path of modernity and high pressure. However, she was afflicted with an illness aged 4 that was labelled hypochondria until recently. It was a complex combination of personal experiences that lead Honey to permaculture.. Honey is currently house-bound with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. but she is always searching to find more natural ways to improve her health, and the health of the whole planet. There is no stopping her getting in the garden though, even if it does tire her!

Honey and her partner Criss Hodgson are turning their 1000sq metre section into a food forest, where they live with two adorable whippets called Fairy and "Mr" Whippy, as well as 5 pet rats. They strive to be as vegan as possible and are pursuing a predominantly raw diet. They are making over their new home so that is aligns with their holistic lifestyle. Honey is starting work on a website for a project, working with other environmentalists to save the New Zealand rivers from destruction.


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