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Brody Ekberg
Iron River, Michigan , United States
Climate Zone:
Cold Temperate

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About Brody Ekberg

I discovered Permaculture around 2017 after am extreme shift of perspective. I had been stressed and overworked which led to an emotional breakdown and acceptance of some hard facts of life. Once on the other side, I began a search for a way to exist in harmony with myself and my surroundings, which led me to Permaculture. I read Gaia’s Garden, my mind was blown and a passion was ignited. Ever since, I’ve been on a mission to recreate the Garden of Eden as best as I can, share the surplus with others, and motivate others to do the same.

My wife Carly and I bought 2 1/2 acres in Michigan’s beautiful upper peninsula to live out this dream.

As of now, I’m working full time and practicing permaculture through lifestyle change and developing gardens and a food forest at home. I dream of starting school gardens, community gardens, a seed library and many other things. I feel that educating local children on permaculture is of extreme importance and is a goal of mine.


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