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Stuart Muir Wilson
Brunswick, VIC, Australia
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Cold Temperate
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About Stuart Muir Wilson

Stuart Muir Wilson is a practicing architect and founding director at Design for Humanity: Action to end poverty. A leading practitioner in global ecological and social justice. Upholding his grandfathers (Bill Mollison) 3 foundational ethics of permaculture.

Currently an a founding director on the board of Bullock Proof Energy, which turns wastes streams in 5 climate, environmentally friendly products and consumer products with biogas.

In addition Stuart is the manager of two ecological justice hubs in Brunswick and St. Kilda in Melbourne. With 2 large permaculture gardens, workshops, animal therapy , mushroom social-enterprises and Tiny Homes being constructed.

This is the foundation for stuarts passion in sustainable architecture. Stuart finished his Master of Architecture degree with honours at the University of Tasmania in 2012. His honours thesis focused on integrating Permaculture, Architecture and Urban design, while empowering refugees and the marginalised. Forming the foundation portmanteau of permatecture.

Stuart has practiced and consulted as an environmental architect and consultant at a professional, government and grassroots level in the following countries:


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