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Gustavo Alcantar 's Profile
Gustavo Alcantar
San Francisco, California, United States
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate
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Land restoration in Arid climate Rancho Sol y Mar
Kevin K Robert Helmer
Benjamin Fahrer Erik Ohlsen Geoff Lawton Penny Livingston Stark
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About Gustavo Alcantar

Native San Franciscan city boy with an environmentalist twist. Applied Art&Design univ degree which led me into a career in Graphic Design < www.swirlspace.com/design >, which led me to create a Hemp Clothing line in 2000 < www.swirlspace.com >, which led me to Urban Sustainability non-profit work which led me to (Urban) Permaculture.

In 2004 I took my first "Intro to Permaculture" course in San Francisco and several workshops with Greywater, cob, and more. I finally had time to complete my first PDC in Feb 2012 from RDI in California (12-month course started in 2011)... Simultaneously organized a PDC intensive in Mexico which i sat thru in March 2012. This connected me to some ongoing projects and see there is a demand for Permaculture in Mexico but not enough learning opportunities. So i hope to organize more ocurses at various locations throughout central mexico.

I've been contracted to work on a PermaCULTURE project with the Huichol indigenous people in Mexico drylands < www.TheHuicholCenter.org > This project encompasses many of my diverse skills and interests: Permaculture, Event organization, EcoBusiness Development, Design (Graphics, Web), Mexico & Spanish, Indigenous culture... We have 2 backyard garden sites with poultry and (soon) rabbits, and a 3 hectacre farm site currently in design phase. So much to learn with traditional farmers while sharing Permaculture ideas and philosophy!


My Permaculture Qualifications
Other course unverified
PDC - 4 Seasons at RDI
Type: Permaculture Diploma
Verifying teacher: Penny Livingston-Stark
Other Teachers: Lydia Nielsen, Lauren Dalberth, John Valenzuela
Location: Regenerative Design Institute (RDI), Bolinas CA
Date: Mar 2011
PRI Unverified
Permaculture Sayulita PDC
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Benjamin Fahrer
Other Teachers: Hannah Apricot Eckberg, Cuauhtemoc landeros
Location: TierraLuz Eco-Community
Date: Mar 2012

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