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About Mar Penela López

I am a mother and partner.
I live in Crecente, Pontevedra. I am half Galician and half Castilian.
Let's see... I will tell you how I have arrived until today.
Many years ago I trained as an architect, for me it was something very familiar, I knew what it was about because my father is an architect and I lived it very closely.
When I started my first projects I realized that most people don't understand the space they inhabit, the disconnection between society and its surroundings, built or not.
That's when I started to ask myself how to reconnect people with their surroundings, how to reweave those links.
In the work process, it was fundamental for me to know what the users needed and what they wanted. To ask them beyond what they thought they should tell me and to elaborate the process hand in hand, so that they could generate the link with the new space already in the process. The other fundamental starting point was the place, always starting by getting to know it well and investigating the vernacular architecture.
In this search for the lost connections I did a Master of Research in Architecture and investigated the architecture of northern Portugal as a similar reference (location, culture,...) to Galician architecture but in which the roots had not been forgotten so much and, therefore, there were still more links. In fact, I started my doctorate but did not finish it.
When I had been doing it for a couple of years I wanted to do the Master's Degree in Teaching but I could not be enrolled in both at the same time because of the number of credits or something like that and I chose to do the Master's Degree.
At the same time Ludantia, Biennial of Education in Architecture for Children and Adolescents, appeared. I jumped in headfirst, there I started to accompany transformation processes in educational centers and that's what I've been doing ever since.
From all this, Trees_Ecosystems was born with the aim of reconnecting us with our environments, regenerating and renaturalizing them in every sense of the word.
Conceiving any project as the intervention on a system to generate an ecosystem and having as fundamental protagonists Children and Adolescents.
Trees_Ecosistemas accompanies the transformation processes and designs these transformations cooperatively. We also do consultancies, organize face-to-face and online trainings and give advice to educational projects.
I provide training through the Teacher Training Center and at the Faculty of Education and Sports Sciences in Pontevedra.
From Trees_Ecosistemas we organize the DEA_Descubriendo Ecosistemas de Aprendizaje meetings in which we visit Nature Education projects in formal and informal education to provide feedback to projects and provide references to those who are interested in this path.
I am part of the working group "Com está el pati?" of the Association of Teachers Rosa Sensat (Barcelona). We are an interdisciplinary group (teachers, professors, anthropologists, architects,...) working to provide resources to support these transformations.
I have training in Green Pedagogy, Bioconstruction, Cooperativism,...
I have been working in collaboration with permaculturists for a long time and recently I have done a PDC taught by Tierra Martinez in Arqueixal, Lugo, Spain.


My Permaculture Qualifications
Pri verified
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Tierra Martinez
Location: Arqueixal, Lugo. España
Date: Sep 2022

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