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Samantha Belyeu
Austin, TX, United States
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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About Samantha Belyeu

I was a landscape designer in Texas for a few years before frustration with my industry and strong wanderlust led me down to Buenos Aires, Argentina. While I was there and writing gardening and horticulture articles, I learned about the existence of Permaculture.

I spent the next two years reading, watching every permaculture video I could find, and examining every public landscape work through permaculture eyes. And I realized I needed to go back to the United States if I wanted to start making a difference.

Now I'm getting my master's degree in Landscape Architecture. Every amount of hands-on permaculture work I can get involved in will help my future as a Landscape Architecture be one that promotes true sustainability to as wide an audience as I can get to listen! And every bit I can do to advance permaculture in my community makes my world that much more healthy and alive.


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