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David Coleshill
Fish Hoek, Western Cape, South Africa
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About David Coleshill

I am part of the organisation GREEN GUERRILLAS, in South Africa, where there is a growing concern that self sustainability is not really getting its message across clearly, we have started many projects using local knowledge and talents, not as an aid organisation but rather an educational perspective, and will soon be starting a curriculum designed and based on permaculture, global knowledge, waste management, bokashi, vermi everything, etc etc, We have collected resources and informatrion from many places, and raided rubbish tips, unused land areas, alien vegetation, to get what we need, for free, using simply what is around us and a little bit of good old fashioned elbow grease.

Which is basically a homestead farm , but on a school property, with the learners doing most of the work from scratch, as we believe they are given many of the tools, but how to start using them is a HUGE step that is missing.

So anytime you feel like sharing some wisdom, please do, as we share ours freely.


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