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Jason Turner
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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About Jason Turner

A Professional Landscape Architect, Jason focuses on 'Productive Landscape', making land function sustainably. Based in Cape Town, but working nationally, Jason believes that the creation of a 'Plan B' to an economy that has failed 80% of the population is an essential step to counter the looming crisis of food and water security, and Permaculture training and the roll-out of Community Gardens is a key element to making this a reality.

As a Food and Water Security Planner, Jason works with diverse communities in the rural and urban parts of the country, and drawing from the technologies of Alan Savory's Holistic Resource Management, Keyline systems and Permaculture, is striving to get traction in these communities, to heal the water and nutrient cycles which are so devastated and restore the possibility in making a living off the land to the countless numbers who have left their rural homes to pursue their fortunes in the city, only to find themselves no better off.

This 'Plan B' is a two-pronged approach, which speaks to those people, both in the cities, where many young people are becoming desperate and hopeless, and back in the rural areas where often no alternative is seen to joining the flow of urbanization.


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