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Martijn Ballemans
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Tilburg, Netherlands
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Cool Temperate

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About Martijn Ballemans

Martijn was introduced to Permaculture in 2007 when he visited Tacome Pai and worked on the land for some weeks. "It inspired me to see how simple, pure, important and fun it is to create natural systems that work for themselves and work for you in the same time."

Since he returned to Holland Martijn has educated himself by creating a Permaculture garden, foodforest, building strawbale homes, and setting up different Permaculture projects. He took part in the Ecovillage Design Education at ecovillage Sieben Linden in Germany in 2009, the Dragon Dreaming training in 2010 and a PermacultureDesignCourse in Finland in 2011.

In 2010 Martijn managed a community-build strawbale building in Holland by Dragon Dreaming and Permaculture principals. He taught a 72hrs PDC in Holland and in Thailand in 2012.

Martijn is known for his enthusiastic and inspiring way of teaching, clear explanations and creative variety of teaching methods. Martijn has been a teacher on different schools for the past 7 years and has experience with many different groups.


PDC Thailand is comming up

PDC Thailand: www.Tacomepai.com On a beautiful warm hearthed farm in North Thailand. From 12th july until 28th july. For more info: check the website

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Cool Temperate
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