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Matteo Filippone
Cantagallo, Prato, Toscany, Italy
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Cool Temperate
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About Matteo Filippone

I'm Matteo Filippone 26 years old. Pastry chef since 2008 i grew up in Italy in Reggio Emilia where i studyed Technical Design and Marketing at UNI. At the age of 20 i moved to Australia where i lived and worked for about 40 months. Just at the end of 2010 i found out about PERMACULTURE. I attended a PDC in Dicember 2010 in Leongatha south at the "Southern Cross Permaculture Institute". I moved then in Tasmania where i WWOOFED in several places and where i got a lot of practice with Permaculture teachers.
Through my love for food i found a profound interest in growing my own.
I decided in March 2011 to move back to Italy and keep studying and practicing self sufficient lifestyle. I moved then to Corricelli Ecovillage where i'm living at the moment.
Building strawbale and rock houses, gardening, attending Transition training, cooking without electricity at all i'm now enjoying my new lifestyle.
I started also my 2 years apprendship in September 2011 to get my Permaculture Diploma with Marco Naldini as a tutor and recently started a Project as a designer in Puglia (south of Italy) for a friend.
Thinking of experiences lack of Italian Permaculture network designers, i decided to organize 6 days design experiences for Permaculture students in our Ecovillage. A space where students after PDC can join each other and Practice Permaculture design for "fake" customers and get some experience.


My Badges
Aid worker
My Permaculture Qualifications
Permaculture Design Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Rick Coleman
Other Teachers: Kate Lavers, Naomi Coleman
Location: Leongatha, Australia
Date: Dec 2010
Other course unverified
Introduzione alla permacultura
Type: Introduction to Permaculture
Verifying teacher: Marco Naldini
Other Teachers: Enzo lanati
Location: Corricelli
Date: Jun 2012

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