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jessica michel-buch
finikounda, peloponnese , Greece
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About jessica michel-buch

hey all nature, life, love lovers! i currently live in greece with my husband marco, who was born and raised in greece but is german. i was for the most part born and raised in the states, and am also german. we are new permaculture farmers but marco has been farming and doing all handyman jobs since a small boy (but not permaculture related). i have been studying on the internet for over 4 years and have learned from people you may know of like sepp holzer, robert hart, martin crawford, paul stamets and from many ecovillagers. i am a very curious person with many questions and tons of passion for just about anything. my favorite thing to do is wild food forage for weeds, mushrooms, fruits, herbs, capers, seaweed, snails...anything! my only friends besides marco are our animals and plants. that's one of the reasons why we want to leave greece and find a new home. we would like to be around people who have the same interests as us to learn and grow with. we feel really stunted here and want to move to an ecovillage and are open to any suggestions. please if anyone reads this and thinks hey, i think i know just the place for these guys, please message me!


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