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Faris Ansari
Amman, Jordan
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About Faris Ansari

I was born in Hamburg/Germany. My Mother German my Father Iraqi. So I'm a German citizen. I was raised in Iraq, then lived in Germany, Jordan, UAE and Greece. Currently in Amman/Jordan but I would rather be in Greece. I'm not national and not religious. God for me is a cosmic energy, a cosmic wisdom.

I like permaculture very much and believe that it's the correct way to live on this planet. I found out about it end of 2012 through my continuous search on the internet about how to live without money. I always liked nature and gardening since childhood.

I don't like capitalism, money, oil, selfishness, individualistic thinking, class wars, religions.
I'm not so comfortable with homosexuality but I respect everyone. In my opinion homosexuality is an exception which is ok, but not the major thing. Two men together or two women together cannot produce life (a baby). So generally speaking it's in my opinion like anti-life.
But again, I'm ok with everyone and I welcome diversity.

I'm also interested in marine conservation. I love the sea and therefore would like to help conserve and understand the marine environment. That's why I would rather live in Greece. Currently I started to self-study GIS in Marine biology by Dr. Colin D. MacLeod.

Also I started to study Video editing (Software: Adobe Premiere Pro) in the hope that I could do something good for Permaculture and Marine Conservation and generally ethical work.

In the field of Art I would love to do something but still cannot figure out how and what to produce.
But I found something interesting in Bill Mollison's book "Designers Manual" in page 100, The title is: THE ARTS IN SERVICE OF LIFE. One of the things that are written there is: That modern art is individualistic and decorative, ...

My diet is currently mixed but I have the tendency to become vegan some day. I still need to learn the recipes.

Currently I'm a graphic designer/photo retoucher. Working in a place where I don't want to be :)

My Facebook account is: Eco Kosmos

Mobile Phone: 00962 79 6201602
Email: [email protected]


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