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Sieglinde Zottmaier
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Zumholz, Switzerland
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www.zottmaier.ch; www.pferdealp.ch

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About Sieglinde Zottmaier

I was born in Austria and grew up in Bavaria. Since 1990 I have lived mainly in Switzerland. I studied nursing, hospitality and a lot of other things. During my twenties I worked as snowboard instructor in winter, went to language school in France and traveled.
At the age of 31 I went to hospitality school in Zurich and then spent about 10 years as a Restauratrice.
As I got fed up with the decadency I have been confronted with I changed my life. First I went back to nurse retired persons to earn my money. I work less and try to follow my ideals which I find in permaculture. I do love natural horsemanship and natural animal keeping. I want to be as much part of the natural circles as possible.
Lucky me I found a partner which whom I share my visions. In June 2012 we found a little house with about 1ha of land. This is our projekt. We just came back from permacultureeden were we completed the PDC which will help as to do the designs at Limbach 10, our home. Our aim is to live self-sufficient and taking responsibility.
I will let you know when we start off with projekts.


Still studying

Last year 2013 I started the 1 year long course at the www.krameterhof.at with Josef Holzer, the son of Sepp Holzer. In a few weeks we will meet for the last time and each student is gonna present his project. My wish its to start the Diploma of Permacult

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My Permaculture Qualifications
Permaculture Design Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Steve Hanson
Location: Permaculture Eden
Date: Sep 2012

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