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Jonathon Coombes
Yarrowitch, NSW, Australia
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Cool Temperate

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Tree Change Ministries

Tree Change Ministries

Yarrowitch, AU


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No Small Dreams Local Seed Networks Fernglade Farm Urban permaculture farm
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About Jonathon Coombes

Have an off-grid property which I am converting slowly over to permaculture principles. I plan to use this to help demonstrate to others the principles of permaculture.

Due to the location, topics such as alternative energy and building are important, including areas such as passive heating/cooling methods. Experience in solar power, wind and starting in picohydro technologies. Would like to try out some earthship construction over the next few years.

Establishing food forests and keylining is important for garden design due to some hills. Continually experimenting with different gardening methods to suit location including composting methods, raised gardening, natural pest control etc. High rainfall and lay of land also allows for experimenting with water management and harvesting and aquaculture in various forms.

On a personal level, I am very bush oriented with pioneering skills from both sides for multiple generations. I like bushfoods (wildcrafting) and learning the old methods of earlier pioneers. I also enjoy mushrooming and learning about medicinal herbs.


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