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Mauricio Deliz
Oslo, Oslo, Norway
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Cold Temperate
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About Mauricio Deliz

Mauricio was formerly involved as a computing engineer in mathematical advice for scientific research at the Universidad de Santiago, Chile. Mauricio has a degree in Computer Science Engineering with studies in Anthropology, Social Geography, Environment and Development at the Oslo University, Oslo, Norway.

He obtained two post-degrees:
“Environment and Energy Planning” SUM Institute, Oslo University
“International Development Studies” Oslo University.

In Norway he attended The International Permaculture Design Course with Max Lindegger in 1993.

In Sweden, he attended the “Advance Permaculture Course” with David Holmgren and the Course “Building with soil as raw material”, 1995.

At present he is a chairman of the organization Change the World in Oslo.

Formerly, he was chairman at the Norwegian organization “Sol og Måne”, Norway, and responsible for his Permaculture research field at Geitemyra Oslo Kommunale Skolehage.

In Chile Mauricio was involved in the organization of the first ECOTOPIA seminar (1992); the First International Permaculture course with the cooperation of IEP (Chilean NGO) and Villa Camila (1994); the First International Urban Permaculture Course in Chile (1996) and implemented an Urban Permaculture Centre in Maipú, Santiago of Chile.

In Bolivia (1995), he organized and participated as a teacher in the first International Permaculture course, in cooperation with the Pachacamack Ecological Movement from Bolivia.

In Nicaragua (1998), he acted as a consultant and adviser in Permaculture and Computing for Latin American Health Foundation (Latin-America Helsefondet), Norway.

In 1999 he organized a tour through Norway with representatives from the Darién Foundation, Colombia and CESTA, El Salvador.

He has been turning given lecture, courses and seminaries in Norway (2005-2011), Sweden (2008, 2009), Chile (1994, 2005, 2006, 2009-2010), Bolivia (1994, 2005), Colombia (2006, 2010), Guatemala-El Salvador (2007) and Senegal (2003).

In the beginning of 2007 he acted as consultant and adviser in ecovillage design for Kabawil (Maya organization in Guatemala). He make the design of a high school.

In nov.–dec. of 2007 he had given lecture, courses and seminaries in Guatemala for the municipality of Aguacatan, friendship North-South group Moss (Norway)- Aguacatan (Guatemala) and a farmer organization Asocuch financed by Development Fond Norway (U-Fond).

He has participated in many different seminars: SEED (Norway), ECOTOPIA (USSR), the Fifth International Permaculture Conference (DENMARK), the 1stInternational Eco-village Conference of GEN (SCOTLAND), the 1st Meeting of the Ecovillage Network of the Americas ENA (USA), Gothenburg Forum about Globalization (SWEDEN) and Social Forum (Norway).

He has visited different ecovillages, organizations and centres for alternative technology in Latin America (Nicaragua, Chile, El Salvador, El Salvador, Panama, Colombia and Bolivia), Europe (Norway, Sweden, England, Russia, Denmark, Spain, Scotland, Estonia, and Lithuania), Africa (Senegal) and USA.

He has developed and been involved in several conferences, seminars and courses:
• “Permaculture et Ecovillages” in Dakar, Senegal;
• “An alternative to build an integrative system for a sustainable development” at Bergen Architect University, Norway,
• “Eco-village: A living and learning centre” for post-degree students in Pedagogy, Oslo University,
• “Alternative Development in different cultures”, Bergen Architect University, Bergen, Norway;
• “Eco-Village as a way of peace”- Peace festival, Norway;
• ”Permaculture and Ecovillage” at The San Salvador University and in CESTA (Centre for Alternative Technology from El Salvador);
• “Development: A Possibility for All?” Vestoppland Folkehøgskole, and Sagene Community Centre, Oslo, Norway;
• A course titled, “Permaculture” in Levanger, Norway as well as a Teacher in the Weekend Permaculture Introduction Course, Sagene, Norway.
• “Transition Town” in Oslo, Bodø, Tromsø in Norway and at The University of Santiago of Chile in Chile.
• “Certificate Permaculture Course”, 72 hours, over the polar circle in Tromsø, Norway.
• “Certificate Permaculture Course”, 72 hours, in Telemark, Norway.

He has taken the "Transition Town Course" in London, in the Netherlands and Oxford and is now in the European pool of teacher of Transition Town. He is a certified teacher for the two-day course in Transition Town. He holds two international certified courses in Chile in august 2010 and two in Colombia 2011. Today he is in the board of Transition Town Norway and in the local Transition Town Initiative in Oslo.

Mauricio speaks Spanish, Norwegian, English and conversational French.
Mauricio Deliz

Computing Engineer
Brekketunet 23
1349 Rykkinn
Phone: (47) 9305 5828
[email protected]
[email protected]


My Badges
Consultant Aid worker
My Permaculture Qualifications
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Max Lindegger
Location: Lista, Norway
Date: Jun 1993

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