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Anton Roder
Winkler, MB, Canada
Climate Zone:
Cold Temperate

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About Anton Roder

To begin with, I have no Permaculture experience. I have strictly armchair experience. I am dying to find a little plot of land where I can get started, but that's still some time in the future.

I have always been interested in agriculture and since reading about it many years ago, permaculture seemed to make a lot more sense to me than "conventional" farming.

In the meantime I bought my own house last year and I want to implement as much permaculture into it as I can. I want to make a couple of hugelkultur beds and would like to make a pond as well. I also want to plant a couple of fruit trees and berry bushes. I really like Mr. Holzer's approach to permaculture and I'm anxiously awaiting a book of his I ordered, so I can do proper planning, before I start doing anything. I would love to get in contact with other people in Canada about their experiences - especially people in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


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