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Fabian Féraux 's Profile
Fabian Féraux
Brussels, Belgium
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Cool Temperate
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Terre & Conscience

Terre & Conscience

Tervueren, BE


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Mountain Steep Permaculture - Permacultura em Declive de Montanha
Gilles Robert Laurent Liber
Geoff Lawton
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About Fabian Féraux

I come from the Information & Communication field, mainly web-based. I have built many internet systems and work with Drupal. I once decided to move on with my systemic perspectives and discovered Permaculture through Biomimicry and Transition Towns. Until then, I am always surprised and delighted with the simplicity and complexity Permaculture offers to play with.

I prefer to think carefully for a place and people, and design step by step an accurate roadmap for building a permaculture system. I've been trained by the French UPP, Bernard Alonso and Robyn Francis.

I am currently more specialized in Urban Permaculture (as I live in a capital city), and involved in the Urban Ecology Centre of Brussels. I do facilitate a long-term permaculture course two days a week during the whole year. I worked in Haiti for development project on reforestation, soil building and water conservation.
I've been appointed to a large-scale design recently for the next months in a peri-urban area in Brussels, Belgium.

Now, I am setting up a participative co-operative business model of permaculture designers, where we use the Holacracy operating system to build up our core operations, and work on shared governance.

Finally, I am an active member of the Belgian Permaculture Network and aim to its development and awareness-raising.


My Badges
Consultant Aid worker
My Permaculture Qualifications
Cours de Design en Permaculture
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Pascal Depienne
Location: Belgium
Date: Aug 2010
Other course verified
Permaculture Design Course, Heal the Soil, Sesimbra
Type: Teacher Training
Teacher: Bernard Alonso
Location: Portugal
Date: Nov 2012
Other course verified
Social Permaculture Master Class
Type: Other
Teacher: Robyn Francis
Location: Eco-centre le Bouchot
Date: Aug 2012

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