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Momo Qa
Neyshabur, Khorasan Razavi, Iran, Islamic Republic of
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About Momo Qa

I am an environmental activist, living in Mashhad for years.
I am a member at Pure Human, Clean Earth NGO and Women Society Against Environmental Pollution. A friend of mine and I also have formed a group in Mashhd to promote city cycling and I have been involved in arranging and executing various events such as planing trees, collecting garbage from river banks, watching environmental documentaries and free discussions and etc.
Although I had years of good experiences in export field (exporting Iranian saffron and pistachio) but I made my mind to start the first vegetarian restaurant in our city: "Loving Hut" vegan restaurant in May 2010, Address: No. 18, 35th St., Vakil Abad Blvd., Mashhad, Iran. After leaving Loving Hut on Feb. 2011, I started the second vegan restaurant named Khane (which means home in Persian and we intended to remind people of earth as our only home) on Jun. 2011 at No. 36, 28th St., Hashemiye Blvd., Mashhad, Iran. The reason I started these restaurants was that I was searching for a way to communicate with people: not many people read books, not many of them attend an event on these topics but many people goes out to eat something especially if you are offering a new nice fantasy food which is also considered to be good for their health. While we were working in these restaurants we did our best to communicate our environmental ideas with our audiences by any means we could especially face to face discussions, mentioning environmental aspects of our diet and lifestyle on GHG emissions and global warming in all our printed advertisements (business card, leaflets, posters) and etc.
In midsummer, Aug. 2012, I asked my partner to manage the restaurant, Khane, and I moved to Kalate Sheikh Abol-Hassan to start my farm and new life: I was thinking of self sufficient living and permaculture...
My wife Zeinab Borhaninezhad has accompanied me in all these up to now. She is a certified yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga since 2011.


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