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Sara Rojo
Madrid, Spain
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Selamat pagi,

How are you?
We are Sara and Greg. Sara is a Spanish architect with 6 years experience and passionate by earth construction. Greg is an environmental engineer from France specialized in water management and passionate in local and decentralized systems.
We've been living and working in New Zealand for two years, and we are now coming back to Europe. We are building a project to help, learn, teach, and raise the awareness about sustainable construction and water management, local and appropriate systems in different countries (Australia, Indonesia, South East Asia, etc. till Europe). We are both permaculture lovers and practitioners. We participated in the 2012 Permaculture Convergence in Titirangui, New Zealand. We are now looking forward to experience the different practices in the countries we will travel to, on our way back home.
Sara is very interested to collaborate in vernacular architecture, green building and earth based construction. Greg is looking for an opportunity in designing, building, or/and monitoring on-site stormwater, wastewater or/and water supply devices. We are now in Australia where we have been collaborating with some communities. http://www.kanjini.org/ among others. We will be in Indonesia in the end of July and we would love to work as volunteers in your community.
Would you have any opportunity for us? Or would you know any people/organisation/community that might be interested in our help? If not we anyway would like to visit you and learn more about your project.
Please, find attached Greg´s CV. Sara´s portfolio is available online at http://issuu.com/sarars/docs/130203_portfolio_sararojo?mode=window
Terima kashi,

Sara & Greg


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