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Jon Barrett


  • Joined: 08/02/2011
  • Last Updated: 08/02/2011
  • Location: 29620 Guimaec, Finistere, France
  • Climate Zone: Cool Temperate
  • Gender: Male

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About Jon Barrett

I am an independent writer, researcher and experiential educator specialising in psychological dimensions of human sustainability. I am especially interested in 'what works' to motivate grassroots action towards adopting more sustainable lifestyles and to overcome barriers to sustainability amongst lesser aware and resistant populations .

I have had a long term interest in permaculture design and have followed the evolving permaculture movement for many years although I have not (yet) undertaken a PDC.

My wife Louise and I are currently in the embryonic stages of establishing an 'action-learning'outreach project and information resource from our home on the north coast of Finistere in France to explore and share what 'sustainability' means for our present and future lives in these times of urgent converging ecological, energetic and economic crises. Permaculture (or 'sustainability by design') is central to this project. We are looking to collaborate with others who are also interested in outreaching beyond the already 'converted'.


Le projet pour une vie durable (The Sustainable Life Project)

An exploration of what it means to live 'sustainably' in the 21st century...

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