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Jason Isenberg
Tucson, Arizona, United States
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About Jason Isenberg

Landscape designer and founder of REALM, Jason began his career in Tucson just after graduating from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. As an avid organic gardener and armchair ethnobotanist, Jason found both gainful employment and startling inspiration as a Horticultural Therapist at Desert Survivors, a non-profit plant nursery that serves adults with developmental disabilities. It was then and there that he realized the power of working with plants and people. Recognizing the need for environmentally-conscious options in the landscaping sector, Jason chose to share his passion for organics, sustainable practices, unique design and outdoor living with the public by launching Urban Organics Landscaping in 1997, a full-service outdoor lifestyle firm specializing in custom design, detailed construction and 100% organic maintenance.

Since then, Urban Organics Landscaping has changed its name to REALM, a rebranding effort undertaken a few years ago in order to convey the fact that they do so much more than simply “landscaping”. In fact the company tag line is, “if it’s outside, it’s within our realm.” REALM is a Tucson-based company specializing in sustainable landscape design, custom construction, 100% organic maintenance, and custom metalwork. REALM also just launched two new divisions: WaterWorks – which provides “innovative landscape solutions based on conserving water and saving money” – including everything from smart irrigation to water harvesting to grey water systems; and Petscapes – “organic landscape solutions that provide safe surroundings for you & your pet”. Jason and REALM have won numerous awards as they blend a fresh outlook, concern for fragile natural resources, and a passion for originality together to achieve what they have termed “sophisticated sustainability” and are adamant in their refusal to be satisfied until there is no longer a recognizable divide between conventional and sustainable practices.

Jason focuses his limitless enthusiasm and creativity on innovative and eco-friendly solutions for both residential and commercial landscapes, oftentimes marrying polished aesthetics with the resource-wise concepts of permaculture and xeriscaping. Design innovation and regard for the environment drive his efforts and clients all over the country are continually delighted by the results. Jason proves that an environmentally sound landscape can also be one of appreciable style. This has not gone unnoticed as his work is frequently seen in local, regional and national publications.


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