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Tom Hitchman
Islington, London, London, United Kingdom
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Cool Temperate

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About Tom Hitchman

I learned about Permaculture from a friend in a Carbon Ration Action Group a few years ago, did lots of visits to Transition Initiatives in the spring of 2007 did an intro that summer and a full design course in Hackney, East London, U.K the following summer.

I now run a social enterprise in London doing carbon reduction groups called 'Carbon Conversations' together with building some one off workshops to get the value of this out to wider groups. First one is a Food workshop where I am assembling partners.

Although I am not much of a grower myself the PDC opened my mind up to a host of ways to use Permaculture principles in the social spheres.

Am also interested in how systems thinking and facilitation can move things forward. Presently I am investigating the confluence of Integrity, Influence and Social Networks to help build solidly growing relationships in Community building efforts based on my groups.

I recognise that in order to reach people and have them act we will need to identify and build a working definition of 'low carbon culture' which would encompass much of the above paragraph with many other things. Let me know if you want to explore this - particularly if you are within travelling distance of London U.K.


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