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Betty Farnum
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London, United Kingdom
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Cool Temperate

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About Betty Farnum

Forest food garden creation
Sustainable building
Plant knowledge expansion (hands-on)

I actively started this beautiful journey March 2012 when I left my office based job with no idea which direction I would take apart from the knowledge that I wanted to do something more active/hands on. In May I began gardening at a local community centre and my interests have grown from there.

I have spent time gardening in a few places now (Organic Lea and Freightliners Farm namely) and through that experience have discovered I am drawn to permaculture and the regeneration of the soil. I have also spent time at the lovely and amazing urban permaculture space called the May Garden Project and was delighted to find a space even closer to where I live called Green Peppers.

I have MANY interests and would love to explore them all! A recent interest is aboriculture and forest stewardship. I am also keen to learn more about using natural energy sources, forest gardening and communicating with nature so that we humans become more integrated with the natural cycle (an idea I picked up from Paul Stamets).

I have been brought up in the city (London) so there is much for me to learn and relearn.

I am currently back in the UK looking to start a permaculture course in the summer of 2016.

Peace love and light to you all!


Update Nov 2015

Posted over 8 years ago (0 comments)


I will be going on my first wwoofing experience learning how to build sustainably using strawbale and clay/cob. Wish me luck!

Posted about 10 years ago (1 comments)

Woohoo! The Adventure Commences

A friend has offered me her place in Spain to practice permaculture!

Posted over 11 years ago (4 comments)
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