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Devendra Tiwari
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Lamjung, Nepal
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Sub tropical
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Mango Tree Eco Resort

Mango Tree Eco Resort

Lamjung, NP

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About Devendra Tiwari

I come from the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. As a child i grew up in a small village North west of capital city Kathmandu. It's called Tiwari Danda (Danda Means Hill in Nepal) in Chiti VDC of Lamjung district. At an early age of 18 i got the opportunity to study abroad to United Kingdom, Where i spent good one third of my life studying and working. I dropped out from my Business Studies and went on to take various building courses. I then begin working as a self employed general builder in England - Jack of all trades, master at none! I picked up lots of skill during my time in England. I always get fascinated by beautiful traditional architecture and always longed to build one where i could call it my home! I always longed to be back in my village to the nature - where i truly belong. I wanted to learn natural buildings but it was too expensive to build in England as well amount of regulations that one has to go through not to mention amount of money it requires - put me off from United Kingdom. I figured, with the skills that i have already acquire working in building industry, the land i have in Nepal and with just a little money and freedom with building codes, beautiful weather to grow anything, i decided to head home, back to my roots! To be one with nature!

When i was a kid growing up in Tiwari Danda, it felt like paradise. We lived in a joint family. We grew most of what we needed on the land. We had many fruit trees. We used to climb and pick fresh fruits and eat it. Spend all day climbing one branch to another. How i reminiscence those golden days!

15 years later, it's a different story. While i was still in the UK, a moist war broke out - it was called people's war. Which let thousand of people dead, the whole country was it chaos. Now they are slowing rebuilding it again. Young people are living the country in their thousand every day for jobs abroad. Creating a huge shortage of able workforce in the country. It has a great impact on a small community like ours. Young people are compelled to search for opportunity elsewhere as there is no opportunity in their community. So they have to leave their family, friends and even their own country for the better future.

I don't know about other communities but our community is blessed with such a natural beauty that it has the potential to become a major eco tourism destination in Nepal. Just not tourism, the fantastic climate means almost everything grows here but the tragedy is only very few have realised its potential and happy with what they have. Others are attracted by the busy city life, modern conveniences and money!

I wanted to make a change! I wanted to break that cycle! I want to show people that you could create opportunities in your own community and live happily with their own families! So with that in mind, i set up Mango Tree Eco resort - where people from all walks of life could come together, share, experience and have fun along the way. Create opportunities to local youth as a next generation permaculturist as well as guides to promote eco tourism in our region through canyoning, hiking/trekking activites!

With the global change and climate change, community like ours are more vulnerable to sudden change in weather pattern. I can tell you this much that Nepal is not ready for any climate related disasters. It's true that no body knows what the future holds but the natural resources that we depend upon for our everyday survival, which we take for granted, like the clean water, timber, fodder, medicine - we need to act now - protect and conserve them for future and generations to come.

So we have started a tedious task to make our region a conservation area. We are at a very initial stage rather on the verge of inception to make a working committee that will carry out the necessary task. If you have interest in conservation work or would like to help us, please get in touch!

Even though it's only been 3 years since i started this project..we have managed to create a name for our self. We received people from various background want to volunteer at our place. We even had our first intern. People on their way to trek the famous Annapurna circuit stay with us as well as people returning from the Manaslu circuit. In addition, we received people staying few nights to weeks. We also organise local festival and events and have managed to fully integrated in to our community.

From here, we wish to promote rural eco adventure tourism in our community and along the way create Permaculture center for the region.

For me adventure is permaculture and permaculture is adventure!


A New Happy Beginning

This will give you a glimpse of what it was like when we started in 01.01.2012 and how it looks now!

Posted almost 11 years ago (1 comments)
My Badges
Consultant Aid worker
My Permaculture Qualifications
Permaculture Design Certificate
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Brian Newhouse
Other Teachers: Ben Dunn
Location: Mango Tree Resort, Nepal
Date: Aug 2014

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