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Rosanna Nicol
Venosta, Quebec, Canada
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About Rosanna Nicol

I'm from Ottawa originally and have studied (and community gardened) in Halifax, NS, Victoria, BC, and Oxford, UK. I did an organic farm apprenticeship and Nanoose Edibles in Nanoose, Vancouver Island in 2009 and got introduced and interested in permaculture then.

I have yet to take a design course, but I'm hooked on Jacke and Toensmeier's Edible Forest Gardens books.

I've recently co-founded and am running a market garden business in the Gatineau Hills, QC, Canada. We have two main growing fields: the Barn Field for our main production and our permaculture Cabin Field.

The Cabin field includes forest, field, and some vegetable garden. Right now there are lots of raspberry plants. I'm starting small, looking to design for about an acre around the cabin itself, but it could expand significantly. Some sporadic planting has occurred already, e.g. 2 apple trees last spring, but I'm currently drawing up a design and hope to get a few guilds going in the next month.

I have limited experience with permaculture design, but lots of energy, time, land, and resources so I'm very excited about this project (which I envision becoming a demonstration forest garden). If you have any interest in checking it out, hosting a course here, or any other ideas, get in touch!


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