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Lisa Fernandes
Portland, Maine, United States
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Cold Temperate
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Red Sand Cottage Gaia University Northeast The Resilience Hub / Portland Maine Permaculture Whole Systems Design Village Farme (Fernandes-Whitten Home) Willow Crossing Farm Istituto italiano di permacultura Newforest Institute
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About Lisa Fernandes

Lisa Fernandes organizes the 1500+ member Portland Maine Permaculture group and is the Director of its non-profit home, The Resilience Hub. She is a trained facilitator and permaculture designer who believes that the strategies of resilience-building, re-skilling and re-localization are among the best we have for creating vibrant communities and for navigating future challenges. Lisa sits on the board of the Permaculture Institute of the Northeast and on the Grantmaking Committee of the New England Grassroots Environment Fund. Lisa participates in the Eat Local Foods Coalition, the Maine Food Strategy and the Portland Mayor's Initiative for Healthy Sustainable Food Systems. She is also active in the Cape Farm Alliance, Slow Food Portland, Portland Food Coop, Hour Exchange Portland and is a Master Food Preserver and Master Composter. Lisa attended Boston College and The Evergreen State College and has worked in the public, private and non-profit sectors, including a stint owning a software design firm with more than 100 client companies across the region. Lisa and her family are actively converting their 1/3 acre property into a demonstration site for resilient and abundant "post-carbon" living.

Lisa blogs for the Bangor Daily News.
She currently serves on the Cape Farm Alliance and provides staff support to the Eat Local Foods Coalition of Maine (ELFC). She is a proud member of the Portland Food Coop (Member-Owner #11) and the Slow Food Portland Convivium. She works closely with and has been a student of Charles & Julia Yelton, international permaculture designers and teachers. Lisa serves on the board of the Permaculture Institute of the Northeast (PINE), helped launch The Pattern Factory design studio at Newforest Institute and is the principle permaculture designer in Resilient Homes, a solar hot water and permaculture design company.

Lisa and her family are actively working to convert their 1/3 acre property into a demonstration site for resilient and sustainable "post-carbon" living.



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