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Jonathan Christ
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Brentwood, CA, United States
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Cool Temperate

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3/4 Acre Food Forest in North Texas
Glory Warner Nunya Biz Renante Areola
Ben Falk Geoff Lawton Jack Spirko Nicholas Burtner
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About Jonathan Christ

I am 32 years old with a background in construction and mining. I became concerned about the state of the country and world in 2007. I believe it will take many people that are able to provide for themselves and their family to survive the coming shortages.

I was introduced to permaculture by The Survival Podcast in 2012. Jack Spirko was an instrumental voice and his cooperation with Geoff Lawton in permaculture design and implementation.

I am currently designing a 3 acre property. I hope to build a permaculture demonstration site, build a local group and eventually share my knowledge with others looking to spread the permaculture message.


Met Geoff in Sacramento 8-25-2013

Received my design certificate from Geoff in person last night in Sacramento, CA

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My Permaculture Qualifications
Pri verified
Geoff Lawton Online PDC
Type: Online Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course
Verifying teacher: Geoff Lawton
Other Teachers: Jack Spirko
Location: Online
Date: May 2013

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