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Jack Spirko
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TX, United States
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Warm Temperate
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Mill Creek Farm

Mill Creek Farm

Saline, US


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3/4 Acre Food Forest in North Texas Midwest Permaculture Whole Systems Design Eden's Garden Restoration Whole Systems Design Education Service Columbia Basin Permaculture
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About Jack Spirko

In 2008 Jack Spirko founded The Survival Podcast where he coined the term modern survivalism, a philosophy based on 12 tenets that lead to self-sufficiency, self-reliance, independence and personal liberty. From the very beginning he taught that producing your own food and supporting local agriculture were critical to insuring your personal independence. During the countless hours of research that went into the production of his daily podcast he discovered the threat represented by industrial agriculture and GMOs.

Mr. Spirko has now been a student, practitioner and teacher of Permaculture Design and sustainable agriculture for 4 years. In 2011 he founded a new organization AgriTrue, dedicated to restoring “truth in agriculture” and restoring the relationship between those who grow food and those who produce it. AgriTrue is in someways and alternative to the organic lable, a free market solution that ensures care of the earth along with care of people with out government interference.

Today Mr. Spirko is actively engaged in spreading the message of permaculture to his audience of more than 80,000+ daily listeners. He has had the good fortune to interview well known permaculturists and sustainable food advocates such as as Geoff Lawton, Ben Falk, Paul Wheaton, Bill Wilson, Robb Wolf and Joel Saliten on his show.

He currently lives in North Texas on a rugged 3 acre piece of land where he is practicing techniques such as swales, hugelkultur, raising small livestock and other permaculture design components.


The Four Boat Anchors Holding Back Permaculture

Where does the future of Permaculture lie? Well, I would like to start off with where it doesn’t lie as that may lead us along faster if we are open and honest about it. These are areas where I feel we are wasting time if we put any real effort into the

Posted over 9 years ago (3 comments)

Of Swale and "Flat Land"

Some say if your grade is less than 4% it isn't worth doing earthworks. To those folks I say, well, see the video.

Posted over 9 years ago (1 comments)

Keeping a Duck Brooder Clean and Dry

Ducks Make a Mess of Their Brooders, This is a Way to Keep the Bedding Clean and Dry.

Posted over 9 years ago (1 comments)

The Four Boat Anchors Holding Back Permaculture

This post covers four areas were I feel permaculture is being held back from fast track main stream acceptance.

Posted over 10 years ago (3 comments)

Over 1 Hour Presentation on Food Forest Establishment on Video

This is a presentation I gave in November when we installed the swales for our 3/4th acre food forest during an earth works workshop.

Posted over 10 years ago (1 comments)

Tour of our recently installed swales

In Nov we installed 525 feet of swale in our eastern pasture. The area is about .7 acres in size, there are 525 feet of swale with a holding capacity of about 23,000 gallons. One hour after completion it rained about one inch in a 90 minute period.

Posted over 10 years ago (2 comments)
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Date: Jun 2013
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