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Klaus Wilhelm Meier-Doernberg
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Kandal Village/Kampot, Kampot, Cambodia
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Wet/Dry Tropical
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OM Farm Kampot

OM Farm Kampot

Kandaul Village, KH

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About Klaus Wilhelm Meier-Doernberg

As a son of a scientist, this way of thinking is not foreign to me.
My grandfather a clairvoyant and professional teacher teaches me a holistic view on nature when I was 3 years until 14 years old,he teaches me observing, real observing not to confuse with looking,to be quiet and empty in the mind to be now, until I see the energies of life, to see the paradise still exist, he introduced me to plants, how to make medicines out of it, observing the dears at dawn, understanding ecosystems and to orientate in time with the stars, art & design, music and cooking and put my focus always to nature.
I am very thankful for this, he gave me a direction.

In the age of 20 I studied Design for some semester. I was under the 10 who where chosen out of 400 but the teachers didn't meet my expectations, so I quit and studied bio dynamics in a school for trees in Germany, the largest biologic dynamic farm following the directions of Rudolf Steiner.
After that in the age of 24 I made an apprenticeship at the best school for carpenters in Germany.

Since 1996 I run my private Nature resort / permaculture herb farm on Ibiza in the Mediterranean sea, the Ashram "Sacred Heart Ibiza", where I worked 17 years as a holistic healer (now only part time of the year), designed and developed several medicines out of the herbs and plants of the forest.

Also in 1996 Co-founder and technical director of "Greenheart Ibiza". Greenheart Ibiza's Association Ibiza Ecologic, with its headquarters at Casita Verde, Ibiza (Spain), developing environmental education projects for over fifteen years, with a direct impact on Ibiza tourists and the island's residents.

2010 co designing and building an Eco-resort in Kampot, Cambodia.

2011 buying and rebuilding an old french colonial house in the social center of Kampot town in Cambodia

2012 opening of this house as a meeting point for green thinking people with a health-food restaurant and organic shop. "OM House Kampot"

April 2013 buying 3 hectare and in Nov. 2013 I could buy 2 hectare more abundant former farmland in Kandal Village Kampot Province to create a permaculture / food forest to grow organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and medicinal plants for the restaurant & organic shop and to serve other restaurants and people with healthy stuff as well as be an inspiration and education to the villagers around the farm "OM Farm Kampot"
I start working on a design of an aquaponic system for the "OM Kampot" farm but I am a complete newbie to aquaponics, so inspiration , know how and wisdom is very welcome ....

We live in a dangerous time with poisoned food from chemical industry and Genetical Modified Organisms from companies like Monsanto, nuclear disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima ... greediness is changing the climate while poisoning and chopping down what is left from the paradise in this universe.
For to have a future on this planet we have to do more than only a little bit, devoting the life to the life, planting trees , designing ecological self sustainable systems where we can live inside and from it with healthy food and healthy happy people.

share the wisdom
blessings Akoo Ibiza
(Klaus Wilhelm Meier-Doernberg)


Biochar experiment

Biochar experiment in tropical soil with peanuts, Moringa,Holy Basil and more ...

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