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Jonathan ramirez
Pomona, New York, United States
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate
Web site:
EasternLightProject.com ReconnectingRoots.com

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Plenitud Teaching and Research Center Finca Vista Bella
Vincent Fields
Emanuel Perez Geoff Lawton Matthew Fallon Owen Ingley
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About Jonathan ramirez

Grew up in Queens NYC, spent my youth writing graffiti on walls and getting into trouble. Then I went off to a military college in Georgia. During my time in military college I began to awaken to the multifaceted crises confronting human civilization. I began to awaken first to the political reality, followed by a more broad awakening encompassing the physical and spiritual nature of it all. After fighting my way out of the military I returned to New York where I found a job at an organic vegetable farm. While at the vegetable farm I began learning about ecology and permaculture. After working at the vegetable farm I apprenticed under Andrew Faust at his permaculture homestead in Ellenville NY. Then I worked as a farm educator at an urban farm in Queens. After that I managed a CSA farm in Rockland county with 2 other friends. After that myself and several other friends launched a permaculture project in Pomona NY. The project is called the Eastern Light Project and it is a community effort to protect land in Rockland county from unsustainable development by proactively teaching the community permaculture and methods of sustainable development.


My Badges
Consultant Aid worker I'm male, single, and looking for a permaculture partner
My Permaculture Qualifications
Other course unverified
Permaculture Apprenticeship
Type: Internship
Teacher: Andrew Faust
Location: Center for Bioregional living
Date: Mar 2011

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