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Peter Geirnaert
Merchtem, Belgium
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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seghersecoplant; natural waterpurification systems and growery
Bart Blanquart Coline Vanlaeys Geoff Lawton Tom V
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About Peter Geirnaert

Background: relative poverty, stressed and fighting parents, was looking for a job in the music or gardening industry. Both felt too much like an industry and mostly I only found factory jobs. Learned some IT but I don't like doing it all day long.

Enrolment in permaculture: Living in an old brewery since 1999, where I construct with recycled materials and look for sollutions to problems I see in my environment. Gave up owning a car, and welded a bicycle trailer. Joined the local LETS club. Talking to others brought me into permaculture.

Present: I have two gardens: one container garden on the rooftop where I live. The other is a 100m² community garden, 1.4Km from my home. I'm also planning to construct a rocket mass heater in the living room. Maybe I'll build an experimental trompe air compressor in that 6 meter deep shaft in my workshop... A bicycle side-car is another project on my list.


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