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Nancy Lariviere
Wellandport, Ontario, Canada
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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About Nancy Lariviere

I do not have any particular backgrounds in farming, gardening or environment. I just had this guts feeling that this society is not sustainable and there must be another way. I have B.Sc. in Consumer Science at Laval University and I am currently doing a certificate in Sustainable Community Development at Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada.

In my search for a solution, I discovered the permaculture approach. My spouse and I tried to read and watch everything we could found on the subject. We realized this was the answer to our quest.

There is so much reading you can do but at some point you have to make it happen. My spouse and I moved our family from the city to a small town in Niagara region. We gave ourselves five years to implemented the different ethics and design principals of the permaculture flower and turn this little one acre of perfect green grass into our permaculture dream. We are monitoring our progress and learning a lot from our experience.

We would love to meet other people in Niagara region with the same passion for permaculture.


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