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Jamie Shepherd
South Africa, Gauteng, South Africa
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Warm Temperate
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About Jamie Shepherd

Studied analytical natural resource geography and botany through the University of South Africa and did my PDC with Bill Mollison.

On the basis of a natural pattern being a footprint of a process, developed a train the trainer schedule for national scale permaculture revolutions. In my capacity of training manager on the 180 gardens project in the Saint Lucia Wetland Park World Heritage Site I tested my "theory".

The extent to which authentically sustainable practices transferred effectively concurred exactly with the extent to which this schedule was applied. The extent to which the project managers involved forced the schedule off course concurred exactly with the extent to which error in practice and attitude transferred.

Projection of this pattern shows that a country can be converted to authentically sustainable norms within 3 years if it is applied without compromise. This concurs with the results of the train the trainer program applied in Cuba by the Australian Permaculture Institute.

Currently looking for funding to apply this schedule on a bigger scale without unqualified interference, developing a functional species composition classification system for the desert and famine belt, developing an image book to clear the sub-conscious of emotional resistance to authentically sustainable practices, developing training material to cultivate rapid intuitive design and problem solving logic, monitoring the practical progress of students who have attended my practical workshops and delivering on-line ongoing garden management training.


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