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Penrose, New South Wales, Australia
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PDC in Southern Highlands 2012

Posted by David Johnson over 12 years ago

Held at Berrima on Tuesday nights for the whole year.

Permaculture Southern Highlands is hosting a PDC at  Berrima this year.

The course will cover the background knowledge, design skills and practical techniques of the 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course. This PDC course will run over a full year, giving participants plenty of time to absorb the concepts, develop designs, and relate the ideas to the real world.

The course involves one night per week during school terms and several trips to develop on-site design skills. Designs will be developed to cover the range of situations a designer might meet. This will include backyard town/urban/suburban planning, larger semi-rural acreage, and broadacre farm design and community planning.

Starting date for the course is Tuesday 7th  February 2012. Classes run 7 to 9.30pm in two sessions, usually a theory session and a practical session. A supper break allows time for informal discussion and networking.

The main venue for the course is Berrima Public School, Oxley St, Berrima.

An enrolment form is available here 

Enquiries by email

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Date: Sep 2002
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Date: May 2009
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