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Summer is cruising along

Posted by Cheyenne Naegler about 12 years ago

There has been a few changes over these last few months.

Slowly but surely some of the tenants at the housing estate are getting involved more & more which is great to see. The community is pretty diverse from families with young children, ppl w/drinkng problems, ppl who are reclusive, & some with mental illness yet, they are slowly starting to get involved out in the garden.

In the last few months, besides the summer veggies we are growing, we have aquired 2 hens & 1 chick as well as 3 bunnies. The last couple of days we have started building the run for the chickens & bunnies which has been in the works for months.

Currently we still don't have all the funds for our water tank but, there is a local community festival coming up this month & I have got the local community centre to allow us to share a table with them to raise funds. Now the idea of what to do to raise the funds is still allusive!

Peace & Light,


More pics to come & more on my Facebook page - Regeneration Nation

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Cecilia Macaulay
Cecilia Macaulay : Fundraising...How about sell designs - trace over photos of their gardens, leaving out the bad bits, adding in the good bits. I blogged on that 'Low tech tricks for drawing up your garden designs. Do you think it would work?
Posted about 12 years ago

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