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Kula, HI, United States
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Wet/Dry Tropical
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Earth Art & Architecture on Maui: 1st Garden walls go up at UHMC

Posted by Claire Kellerman over 11 years ago

Aloha, After 19 years of sharing Earth Art & Architecture workshops around the world with children's clay classes, including Permaculture Design, and adult classes in a slideshow, we built our first project on Maui -- a 300-foot curving sensuous garden


My Earth Art & Architecture Benefits page, shared with pleasure. Aloha, Claire

KLARITY Permaculture Design & Arts             Since 1989 

Earth Art & Architecture Practical Solutions

with low-cost, low-tech local & global possibilities


Low-cost Construction Materials:

Earth from the site, patented CalEarth Super Adobeâ sand bags (calearth.org), barbed wire--(tools of war become a useful and potentially beautiful home)

1,000 sq. ft., 3-vault home costs $1,500.00 in materials for the basic structure.


Environmental Sensitivity to Toxins:

No use of toxins are needed for construction or painting, or at least very, very low!


Safety Benefits and Specifics:

Earthquake resistant--

Building and Safety in Hesperia broke their testing equipment maxing out its power to destroy.  Could not find one failure in either house tested.

Officially permitted in California's highest seismic zone.

Fire-resistant to an extreme degree. 

Earth doesn't burn like wood!

Flood resistant.

Makes a non-issue of termites & rot

The Arch is the strongest structure in nature

Like a rainbow, our heads, the earth, curves are everywhere in nature…

All animals, except humans, have curves as the walls of their home

         We are the only animal that chooses to live in a "toxic box."


Resource Conservation:

Walls 12" thick, made of earth.

         Home stays cozy and warm all night

         Cool during the day, even in the hot desert

Less trees used in construction

         No framework of wood

         Less steps in construction


L.A. "homeless housing" contest winner

Emergency shelter: Big enough for ten people: Can be built in 2 days by ten people

Simple enough for people of all ages to learn to build their own home

Any child, any age person, can help if they can lift a coffee can full of earth.


Spiritual Rewards:

Very Beautiful.

Soil is alive; the earth brings a special experience to the builder & the dweller.

Feels amazing to be in such a peaceful, graceful, curved space.

Attention on positive alternatives

Energy used for constructive uses and changes.

Helping others, team work, and connection with friends through good work.

Acoustics in certain structures are magical.

Creative freedom of expression unlimited!

Hands in earth, muddy fingers, getting dirty is fun!!


My Intention:

To see sustainable choices become mainstream.

Share Earth Art & Architecture's technology

Inspire, by example, the use of Earth Art & Architecture

         Have booths at festivals to get the word out…

Play with children while creating red clay Earth Art dome models &

sharing their ideas & mine about living in a healthy, sustainable world.

Writing articles for magazines to share all this inspiration.

Tell everyone who is interested, & anyone who will listen, about this solution.

To earn an abundant income doing, being and having the products I love as my work.


My Products:

Healthy, happy, harmoniously housed human friends all over the planet, and all animals, too, with an intelligent use of resources in the construction & in daily living within these artistic structures & gardens; Stone Tapestry® Indigenous Jewelry for Peace on Earth; Write story & songs, record, produce & collaborate on an Earth Opera film illuminating one vision of Peace on Earth, with Earth Art featured among the many regenerative solutions that exist, along with those coming into existence every day, and those being restored and reclaimed by indigenous wisdom keepers…

towards a world community that reflects what our hearts are capable of.  



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Location: Skywater Center, California
Date: Jun 2003

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