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Karuna,Church Stretton, Shropshire., United Kingdom
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Cool Temperate

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'The Big take over'...From Grazing to amaizing!

Posted by Janta Wheelhouse over 11 years ago

Insight design proves itself... These aerial views clearly demonstrate how an edible landscape can be achieved in the U.K.in just six years.Seeing is believing!

Soma,my 14 year old son and I recently flew over Karuna to record the tree growth.

Its quite amaizing how rapidly they have grown and how the site has changed as a result of the micro climates.The future for the site is very promising from a number of angles.Of course the rapidly growing treesĀ  at the 18 acre site will be thinned out and used for our fuel and even building materials when we move on to building an educational centre in a few yrs time. But whilst they are growing they continue to protect the edible tree crops as well as the horticultural areas and endless permaculture experiments about the open areas on site.

Although we have over 90 varieties of apple on site, this year due to climate extremes the crops have been minimal due to the trees being fooled that summer had arrived,only to have vanished like a politicians promise,and the freezing winter returned and killed off all the blossoms.

What is interesting though is nuts have done fantastically and especially the apricaots that are not even on a south facing walls and are at an altitude of 900ft,also the almonds have done incredibly well.

Its obvious that climate change crops are essential for any serious transitional project,IveĀ  always said that Diversity is the safety net of the project.

So we stay with that approach and advise you all to diversify for resiliance.

Quack Kwack! ...Janta.

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